Episode 8- Our Funny Medical Stories

Who says having Chronic Pain or Illness can’t be funny? It totally can. Buckle up for this week’s episode as we share some of our funniest, weirdest, and most embarrassing medical stories throughout our journies.

Heads up to those listening with tiny humans or with fragile sensibilities. There are some SWEAR WORDS in this episode! GASP! Just thought you should know 😉

If today’s hilarity intrigues you, you can totally get to know us all over the interwebs! We have lots more to say than just funny medical stories, we swear!

To learn more about Adina you can listen to Episode 3 or visit her blog at AdinaMayo.com

To learn more about Rebekah you can listen to Episode 2 or visit her blog at Awkwardyethealthy.com

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