Episode 10- Favorite Reads of 2019

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Having a chronic illness or suffering from chronic pain is a pain in the ass. sometimes literally. This means we often find ourselves lost in books as we try to either forge our way through it, entertain ourselves when we can’t participate in #allthethings, or, you know because we’re just plain nerds. Also, mindset is HUGE when living a chronic warrior life. Which leads us to our latest podcast… Our favorite reads of 2019!

Join us as we talk about some of our favorite reads of 2019 that have either helped us open our eyes to some hard truths, expanded our thinking, provided us a much-needed escape, or given us new tools for our every day lives. We promise not to disappoint! You won’t see some of these gems comin’…. we swear!

Got a book you love that you think should be on the list for 2020? Shout it out! You know we’ll read it!

To learn more about Adina you can listen to Episode 3 or visit her blog at AdinaMayo.com

To learn more about Rebekah you can listen to Episode 2 or visit her blog at Awkwardyethealthy.com

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