Episode 13- 2020 Word of the Year

It’s 2020! WHAT!? Time to talk about our ‘Word of the year’. This year, for our 2020 word of the year, Adina picked ‘Renaissance’ and Rebekah picked ‘Boundaries’ Curious? Have a seat and listen in on how we got these particular words. In 2019 Rebekah ANd Adina actually had the SAME word! ‘Consistency’!

Did you pick a 2020 word of the year? If so, we want to know what it is! A word of the year can be a powerful tool to help you work through things and stay on track.

To learn more about Adina you can listen to Episode 3 or visit her blog at AdinaMayo.com

To learn more about Rebekah you can listen to Episode 2 or visit her blog at Awkwardyethealthy.com

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