Episode 23- Music as Therapy

When struggling, whether it be with a chronic illness or not, a lot of us turn to music as therapy. We know we do! In today’s episode, we talk about our personal musical tastes and why we like what we like. Come hang out and get a few new playlist ideas!

Or, if you’re like Rebekah song ideas to add to your one gigantic playlist.

To learn more about Adina you can listen to Episode 3 or visit her blog at AdinaMayo.com

To learn more about Rebekah you can listen to Episode 2 or visit her blog at rebekahisawkward.com

One Reply to “Episode 23- Music as Therapy”

  1. Kayle Jensen

    I have playlists with names like

    And my playlist can include Elvis, Eminem, Dolly Parton, Aerosmith, Dwight Yokum

    Music is definitely therapy

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