About Adina

Hey y’all! I’m just a down home Texas girl and a master at rebooting my life. I’m pretty sure I’m on version Adina 4.0.

I’ve been a graphic designer for a major local publication, a high school art teacher specializing in sculpture and ceramics, and now I’m a stay at home blogger seeking to help others with their health.

Adina Mayo

I’m a full-time general and all-around badass in my own personal war fighting chronic pain.

Like any Texan, I have a deep-rooted love of all food and drink of the Tex-Mex variety, bluebonnets, and doing crazy things while asking people to hold my beer wine.

I’m a binge-watching, pop culture obsessed individual that talks about TV, movie, and book characters as if they were members of my own family. Gryffindor forever! #thebooksarealwaysbetter

I had to seemingly wait forever to find my husband but he was so worth it. We enjoy playing Xbox, board games of the uncommon variety, traveling offseason, checking out vineyards and breweries, the latter being my husband’s favorite, and dressing up in costume any freaking chance we get.

While we would have loved to have our own children, we are happy with children of the furry persuasion. We hope to be adding a new furry addition soon.

It may seem as if I’ve got it all together, but I’ve worked hard to get to a place of stability with my health. I am challenged with:

Adhesive Arachnoiditis

I want to breathe new life into other chronic pain sufferers. It is not the end, just a new beginning. 

Now hold my wine, while I do this podcast with my good friend Rebekah!

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